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Annual Report


Key results of the year


ALROSA is a Russian group of diamond mining companies that occupies a leading position in the industry and has the largest rough diamond reserves in the world. The Group accounts for one third of the reserves and more than a quarter of the production of the global rough diamond market.
The core activities of ALROSA Group are concentrated in two regions of the Russian Federation, namely Yakutia and the Arkhangelsk Region, as well as on the African continent, in Angola, Botswana and Zimbabwe.
The majority of ALROSA revenue comes from selling gem quality rough diamonds, most of which are sold under long-term agreements to Russian and foreign diamond cutting companies. The rough diamond segment accounts for about 90% of the total Group revenue.

Key events of the year


On March 14, in the Arkhangelsk region, ALROSA (subsidiary of OJSC Severalmaz) launched a second processing plant at the Lomonosov MPD. Such introduction of new processing facilities will allow processing additional volumes of ore at the Arkhangelskaya pipe. According to the forecasts, OJSC Severalmaz will reach the diamond production level of more than 5 mln carats per annum by 2021.

On April 28, ALROSA attracted two long-term bank loans in the total amount of USD 1,090 for a 3 year period. The funds in the amount of USD 820 mln were spent on early repayment of bank loans with withdrawals in June and December 2014. The ALROSA's bank loans and public debt instruments account for USD 4 bln with long-term debt share of 88 % as of April 30, 2014.


On May 15, the shares of ALROSA were added to MSCI index.


On June 27, 2014 ALROSA Group commissioned Udachny underground mine. Reaching its design capacity of 4 mln tons of ore per year, Udachny will become the largest underground diamond mine in Russia and one of the largest worldwide. The underground mine is expected to reach its design capacity in 2019.

On June 28, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of OJSC ALROSA was held in Mirny. During the voting, the shareholders adopted a resolution on payment of dividends based on the results of 2013, the dividends grew by 32 % up to RUB 1.47 per ordinary share compared with the previous year.


ALROSA has received a RUB 1.028 bln installment from EVRAZ plc for a 51% stake in OJSC GMK Timir, including RUB 990 mn to repay the principal plus the interest on the outstanding balance.

Within the framework of the corporate non-core asset disposal programme, ALROSA announced about signing of an agreement with CJSC Russian Funds on sale of a 19.9 % stake in Financial Investment Company INTERFINANCE for RUB 8.9 mn.

OJSC Severalmaz started extracting ore at Karpinskogo-1 pipe of the M.V. Lomonosov diamond deposit in the Arkhangelsk Region.


ALROSA has sold its 99.74% stake in ALROSA Insurance Company to OJSC SOGAZ. The deal was priced through an open auction at RUB 620 mn. ALROSA sold its insurance business as part of the corporate non-core asset disposal programme to focus on diamond mining exclusively.

On December 11, the Supervisory Board of ALROSA approved the Long-Term Program for Development up to 2023. Successful implementation of the development program will allow ALROSA Group to strengthen its leadership on the diamond market, ensure the stable long-term growth of production and proceeds, as well as the growth of shareholder value.

The ALROSA Group (Nizhne-Lenskoe OJSC) won the auction for the right to carry out exploration and mining on the diamond placer along the Molodo River in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).


ALROSA compiled a list of long-term customers for the new contract period of 2015-2017. Within the period from January 19 to January 23, the company's new long-term customers carried out the first trade session.

ALROSA sold its 84.7% stake in LLC MAK-Bank to Expobank, the purchase price of the said stake is RUB 200.9 mn, including taxes.

ALROSA and Israel Diamond Stock Exchange signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen partnership and develop the diamond mining industry in Russia and Israel.

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Geography Alrosa

ALROSA operates in nine countries worldwide and in ten regions across the Russian Federation. The company is headquartered in the town of Mirny, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia); two other head offices are located in Moscow and Yakutsk. ALROSA’s main production capacities are concentrated in Russia, in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), namely Yakutsk and Western Yakutia: the Mirny District (towns of Mirny and Udachny, Aikhal and Svetly townships), the Lensk District, as well as the Anabar and Nyurba uluses.
ALROSA has its representative office in Yakutsk. In the Arkhangelsk region the company operates Severalmaz, a diamond mining subsidiary. There are representative offices in several other Russian cities, such as Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Oryol.
ALROSA has representative offices of its sales and marketing companies in foreign countries, including the Great Britain (London), Belgium (Antwerp), China (Hong Kong), Israel (Ramat Gan), the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), and the United States (New York).

Dear shareholders,

ALROSA Group continues to be the undisputed leader of the world diamond mining industry. In 2014, the Company produced 36.2 mn carats of rough diamonds. Today ALROSA has the largest resource base and one of the longest estimated mining reserve periods among the major players in this market. The organized sales system enabled the Company to earn a record revenue of over $5 bn from sales of its products in 2014.

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Dear shareholders!

In 2014 ALROSA confirmed its status as the world’s largest supplier of diamonds. ALROSA enterprises extracted 36.2 mn carats of rough diamonds, the Company today accounts for over 25% of the world market. This leading position is the result of many years of consistent work aimed at developing production.

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